2024 3rd International Conference on the Energy Internet and Energy Interactive Technology (EIEIT 2024)

Call For Papers


Welcomes original and unpubliahed manuscripts. All manuscripts invited or contributed, will be reviewed by two or three experts from the committees.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

01. Renewable Energy

02. Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Energy Internet

03. Planning, Operation and Control of the Energy Internet

04. Information Physical Systems and Information Security for the Energy Internet

05. New energy power generation grid connection and operation technology and application

06. Operation and control of High voltage DC grids

07. Flexible DC Power Transmission Technology and Engineering Applications

08. Research and application of large grid security and operation control technology

09. Grid interconnection technology and engineering analysis

10. Operation and planning of active power distribution systems

11. Power Quality and Power Experience

12. Electrical Vehicles

13. Smart Grid

14. Regional Energy Internet

15. Regional comprehensive energy systems

16. Source-grid-load-storage coordination dispatch

17. Key equipment and its demonstrations of the energy Internet

18. Information technology in the energy Internet

19. Energy Internet Energy Management Technology

20. Big data & AI

21. IoT and digital twin

22. Mobile Internet Application

23. Cloud computation/ edge computation

24. Other Related Topics